Unblinded Business Breakthrough Game
to Jan 12

Unblinded Business Breakthrough Game

What's An Unblinded Immersion?

Are you frustrated with the sales and acceleration of your business?

Are you sick of being promised breakthrough results that don't work?

What if you could and actually did 2x your monthly sales meetings?

What if you could and actually did 10x your monthly sales meetings?

What if you can increase the quality of your sales meetings and grow them from 8 to 25 to 150 per month in 4 months without paying for advertising?

And, what if you could increase the rate of people going from "hello" to "yes" and buying your product or service by 50%?

When you increase quality and 20x your sales meetings, with no advertising costs, and increase your conversion rate by 50%, how much more money would this put in your pocket?

More Money in less time, with more magic and fulfillment is your outcome from your Unblinded Immersion.


You’re Just Your Unblinded Immersion Away.

Typical sales and personal development trainings are dry, seminar-like with little to no actual hands-on skill development. And by the end, have you really created any lasting breakthroughs?

What if you could gain massive success and fulfillment by following a purpose driven, integrity based, laser-focused, accelerated and consistently PROVEN successful model for growing your skills in your sales, business and life.
You can gain all the ideas in the world, but if you don't actually increase your mastery over Integrity Based Human Influence through immersion practice, you will NOT exponentially increase your sales and your business.

You Will Leave Your Unblinded Immersion With:

  • The Guaranteed 4 Step and 10 Indispensable Element Integrity Based Influence Mastery Process that Takes You From Hello to Yes At a Higher Rate Than Anything you have encountered or could imagine, which includes: the 5 step mechanism to create the deepest level of emotional rapport so that the person you are attempting to go from hello to yes with is conditioned to hear you and say yes to you.

  • The process of connecting people to their pain to break their default pattern of no while uncovering and clarifying their "yes strategy".

  • The unparalleled structure for creating the heroic unique identity, NOT USP, for YOU, your product or service, AND your company. By the way, you will also master the essential process of creating your heroic unique identity as an influencer ecosystem merger partner.

  • The Power to Masterfully engage in emotional and energetic transference to move people to action with resonance and integrity.

  • Integrity Based Communication Tools to create requisite scarcity and fear of missing out.

  • Master over acknowledgment, validation, timing and utilization.

  • The psychology that will leave you with genuine empathy, and even love, for the people you are influencing, which is an indispensable element to maintain your integrity.

  • The emotional foundation so that you will be empowered to step into and maintain your greatness as you decide who to merge ecosystems with, and when you're in all of marketing and sales communications.

  • Clarity of your Why, a clear relationship with your Why that will keep you in massive consistent zone action as you exponentially increase your ecosystem, relationship equity, sales and profits.

  • With a time blocking system that takes you through chunking your time for ecosystem mergers, frictionless access, sales meetings, sales meeting follow ups and consistent innovation and optimization of your increasing and monetizing your relationship capital.

What Does Your Unblinded Immersion Look Like?

DAY 1: Introduction to The Callagy Results Formula & How To Achieve Any Outcome In Your Business

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Pre-Registration on Thursday, January 9th

7:00 AM – 9:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM – 7:00 PM Session

  • 1. Understanding your 3 primary driving whys.

  • 2. Understanding the role of Integrity Based Human Influence and optimizing your ecosystem mergers, sales meetings, and your overall ability to go from "hello" to "yes" in any situation to drive the exponential growth of your business.

  • 3. Understanding the geometry of Process Mastery, Influence Mastery, and Self Mastery.

  • 4. What is Integrity Based Human Influence?

  • 5. Extensive emotional rapport, pain connection, heroic unique identity and agreement formation skill development exercises with scoring and feedback for genuine acceleration of your mastery. In addition, skill development exercises include exponential growth in the indispensable elements of emotional and energetic transference, optimization of open and closed ended questions, level 5 transformational listening, vocal quality, psyiology and congruence.


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM Session

  • 1. Process Marketing Mastery and the geometry of ecosystem mergers.
    A. What is an ecosystem and how ecosystem mergers MIGHT lead to the geometric growth of your business?
    B. Frictionlessness: The mechanism of achieving geometric growth through ecosystem mergers.
    C. Sales meeting increases.
    D. Revenue growth and x'ing your revenue and profits.

  • 2. What identifying and committing to your optimal qualitative and quantitate frictionless ecosystem mergers.

  • 3. Committing to your love of the math and geometry of marketing.

  • 4. Integrity Based Influence Mastery:
    A. The 4 Steps of Integrity Based Influence Mastery.
    B. The 10 Indispensable Element of Integrity Based Influence Mastery.
    C. Skill development and practical exercises to grow your business now.

DAY 3: An Overview Of Sales, Marketing & Leadership Process Mastery And Zone Action Self Mastery

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Session

  • 1. Self Mastery- how do you actually get yourself to act and to exponentially grow your business.
    A. What is Self Mastery?
    B. What is your Self Mastery formula?
    C. Transforming your critical limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs and creating your greatest Self Mastery business breakthroughs.

  • 2. Completing Your Integrity Based Human Influence Framework and Road to 9.999% Mastery.

  • 3. Integrating Your Process Mastery, Influence Mastery, and Self Mastery for your 30, 90, and 180 day business breakthroughs and acceleration.

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